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I love the soaps made with aloe vera. Can you customize it and make it with another fragrance or essential oil?

Absolutely! We can customize your soaps for your use or for special events too such as bridal showers or gifts. You can change the color or fragrance of any soap. Contact Us and send an email with your request.

I received a handmade soap as a gift and kept it in a drawer for about a year. Now it has lost its scent. Is it still good to use?

Well, you’re not the only one to keep a handmade soap in a drawer.  Handmade soaps are so appreciated that instead of using it some people just want to keep them forever then they throw it away once it loses its scent. As flattering as keeping it is, unfortunately, they miss out on the wonderful experience of using such a luxury.  Most likely the soap will be fine. 

Just because a soap is a year old doesn’t make is useless. Soap can last for years. In fact, some soaps such as 100% olive oil soaps become better with age. If the soap still looks nice but has lost its scent, it is perfectly good to use. Natural soaps can last a very long time, years and years. Depending on the ingredients in the soaps, some older soaps will change a bit in how they lather. Some will create more creamier lather and some will create larger bubbles. They will also become harder bars and will last longer in the shower if properly placed in a dry well drained area.  So all’s good. 

However, on rare occasions, since the soap is made with natural ingredients, it can occasionally go bad. But trust me, you’ll know if it did because it would have a rancid odor. This can happen if the soap has been kept in a very humid place for a long period of time. 

I used a soaps that had lost its scent and now it smells lovely again, why?

As the soap ages, it will harden. That’s a good thing because a harder soap will last longer in the shower with proper care. However, as it hardens it also locks in the scent. So many times a soap will not appear to have any fragrance until you use it and some of the outer layers are removed. Don’t be surprised if after a few showers the scent comes out again. There’s no guarantee if this will happen, but its definitely not uncommon. Not to mention, there’s no reason to miss out on using an amazing bar of soap just because it lost its scent.

Why do you use fragrance oils in some of the soaps and not all essential oils?

There’s a couple of reasons why we offer soaps scented with fragrance oil.  Firstly, as popular and as wonderful as essential oils are, some people are sensitive to it. That is why we make unscented soaps as well as fragrance scented soaps. We know that for most people showering with a lovely scented soap is part of the spa experience and we don’t want anyone to miss out.

Secondly, there are more options with fragrance oils than there are with essential oils. The scents are infinite with fragrance oils while there are limits to what can be achieved with essential oils. So offering a variety of scents make sense. 

We want you to know that the fragrance oils used in Wingsong Soaps are of the finest quality and  phthalate free. We hope that you will enjoy all of the scents we offer.

Why don’t you describe the benefits of the ingredients in the soaps? I’d like to know more about them and what they do for my skin.

Per FDA regulations, as a Florida LLC, we are not allowed to tell you about the skin benefits of using these soaps. We can only tell you that it cleans as a soap should. Only cosmetic companies are allowed to describe benefits to the skin. However, we believe that you are all savvy buyers and appreciate the goodness that is in each and every soap bar.

Is the founder of Wingsong Soaps, Nitza Coto, the same as the knitwear designer from Endlessknits? I have purchased her patterns and was wondering if she’s the same person.

Yes, she is! If you are familiar with Nitza’s knitwear patterns and designs then you know the quality that Nitza brings to her work. Her patterns, such as the Soleto Vest and Jardin Ruffled Cardi are still some of the most popular patterns sold.

She brings that same dedication and love to her soap recipes and design. 

And you can find her patterns at www.EndlessKnits.com

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